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John Baldessari - Four Rules (1978) -ds

To-do list.


John Baldessari - Four Rules (1978) -ds

To-do list.

Mar 16
“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” Jean Cocteau (via devilduck)

Mar 14

Now I will give you a piece of advice. I will tell you something that I absolutely believe you should do, and if you do not do it you will never be a writer. It is a certain truth.

When your pencil is dull, sharpen it.

And when your pencil is sharp, use it until it is dull again.

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Great essay.

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Borrowing Books from John Waters

“Now, I can browse through my four hundred–plus collection of true crime books, topped off by the twenty-volume Encyclopedia of Crime I purchased slightly reduced. Here’s where I can concentrate on the worst of the human condition. Sometimes I play defense lawyer, and spout off closing arguments saving them from the death penalty. Interested in Mary Bell, the eleven-year-old strangler who received a life sentence before she even had the chance to become a teenage juvenile delinquent? How about the creep who ate undigested cereal out of the throats of his dead victims (The Limits of Sanity)? Or the guy in England who was so lonely he killed his tricks so he could keep their bodies and have somebody to watch TV with (Killing for Company)? I’ve got them all and you’re welcome to borrow as long as you don’t take the dust jacket, leave a $100 deposit, call every night to tell me how far you’ve read, return it within a week, and submit a neatly typed thousand-word book report.John Waters, Crackpot, “Puff Piece (101 Things I Love)”

I strongly approve of Mr. Waters’s borrowing policy.