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Apr 24
“Perhaps I should be more suspicious of my belief that there is inherent value in literature. It could be pure, self-serving, soft-brained romanticism, the belief that probing the most delicate and subtle areas of the mind by, say, listening to music or reading will develop what’s human in you. There are abundant examples of reactionary, loony, virulently prejudiced artists and art lovers, so one can hardly insist that art is definitively good for the brain. But I believe that a lack of art is really bad for the brain. Art itself is inherently subversive. It’s destabilizing. It undermines, rather than reinforces, what you already know and what you already think. It is the opposite of propaganda. It ventures into distant ambiguities, it dismantles the received in your brain and refines what you can experience.” Deborah Eisenberg, “The Art of Fiction No. 218,” The Paris Review No. 204, Spring 2013

Apr 15

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John Baldessari - Four Rules (1978) -ds

To-do list.


John Baldessari - Four Rules (1978) -ds

To-do list.

Mar 16
“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” Jean Cocteau (via devilduck)

Mar 14

Now I will give you a piece of advice. I will tell you something that I absolutely believe you should do, and if you do not do it you will never be a writer. It is a certain truth.

When your pencil is dull, sharpen it.

And when your pencil is sharp, use it until it is dull again.

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Great essay.

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Mar 13